Australian Horse Exports!  Good News!

For those of you who are planning on transporting your horse from Australia, there is signs that good news is on the horizon and much of the current red tape and regulations will be reviewed!

Several international markets are re-opening their doors to Australian horse exports. Australia's Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr Andy Carroll said following the equine influenza outbreak many countries suspended horse imports from Australia, but the excellent progress of the eradication program has allowed trade to resume.

Japan, Hong Kong and Macau recently agreed to resume trade, Dr Carroll said. Negotiations are progressing well with Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, which is great news for Australian horse exporters.

Biosecurity Australia also met with Biosecurity New Zealand earlier this week to discuss animal health issues including horse import conditions. This should be a great step in helping the shipping of horses to and from both locations.


PetRelocation Team




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