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Petrelocation.com - Pet Friendly Avid Announces New Scanner to Reunite More Lost Pets with Their Families

NORCO, Calif., Aug 07, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Avid Identification Systems, Inc., a leader in animal microchip technology, today announced the release of its highly anticipated 'MiniTracker Pro'(TM) microchip scanner capable of multi-mode functionality with exceptional performance. Veterinarians, shelters and other animal care providers should contact Avid at 1-800-336-2843 X3 for ordering information.

"Veterinarians, shelters and animal rescue groups have requested a scanner capable of reading several brands and types of microchips used in pets and horses in the United States," said Dr. Hannis L. Stoddard III, President and Founder of Avid, "Unfortunately, the users' very legitimate request is analogous to having a radio play two different stations at the same time... possible but technically difficult and expensive.

Historically, readers capable of multi-mode functionality were burdened with a severe performance penalty. Avid's recent technological breakthroughs have resolved this problem." "The design criteria for the MiniTracker Pro was based on the USDA Report on Regulation of Pet Microchipping and recommendations from the Coalition for Reuniting Pets and Families," said Dr. Dan Knox, Director of Companion Animals for Avid, and added that "the Coalition asked for scanners to read all 125 kHz and 134.2 kHz microchips whether encrypted or unencrypted." Avid began development of this scanner last year with these guidelines. "We also included as a design criteria that these new scanners would be effective and dependable," said Peter Troesch, Vice President and co-founder of Avid, "Easy to say, difficult to achieve. But the MiniTracker Pro has set the new standard for performance. The MiniTracker Pro has been perfected to be a dependable tool for animal shelters and veterinarians. This reader will help reunite more lost pets with their families."

Avid also applauds the American Veterinary Medical Association's (AVMA) House of Delegates on its recent passage of Resolution 17 to promote better linking of Pet Microchip Databases. The initial estimate of AVMA financial impact of this Resolution is $20,000. Avid, along with hundreds of interested parties, has been involved with linking Pet Microchip Databases for some time as a Charter Member of the American Microchip Advisory Council for Animals which has a 'Call Center' for reuniting pets with families as a primary goal. This will help veterinarians and shelters know 'who to call' when a microchip is discovered.

Click here for more information on the USDA Report.

Click here for information on the Coalition for Reuniting Pets and Families.

This is great news, thanks AVID!


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