Bangkok Soi (Street) Dogs! - We were recently contacted by a volunteer who works for the SCAD - Soi Cats and Dogs - in Thailand. "Soi" is Thai for the word street - and as many of you know who travel to foreign countries, street dogs and cats are a huge problem in most countries and it is organizations like this that can really work on making a difference in their local areas.

If you are located in Bangkok, or know anyone who is, please send them this link and hopefully they can help in supporting their local SCAD group!

Established in 2002, SCAD (previously Soi Dog Rescue*) is a not-for-profit organization with realistic goals: to reduce the number and improve the lives of Bangkoks strays and, in so doing, create a happier and healthier environment for all to enjoy.

By involving residents and local businesses in neighborhoods affected by large numbers of strays, they aim to encourage a better understanding of their plight and a readiness to tackle the problem at community level using humane and effective methods. SCAD provides appropriate information on the benefits of animal birth control, shares the knowledge required to be responsible pet owners and hopes to kindle in people the belief that showing kindness to all the animals that share our world has far better consequences for humankind than apathy or cruelty.

SCAD is run by dedicated volunteers and a handful of enthusiastic staff. It is funded by donations and the proceeds from our ReTails Stores. They need your support to help us run our programs and bring the changes that are so desperately needed.

They have a great story on how their organization came to life, that can be read here and you can see the hustle and attention they are giving to those pets of Bangkok and the help they so desperately need.

Here is one of their favorite adoption stories!

Happy Pet Travels!


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