Behind The Scenes At A Newbie Learns The Relocation Ropes

More and more people are moving their pets these days, so we're doing our best to keep up by expanding the depth of talent here at Our recent batch of new hires is a fresh, energetic, and capable bunch, and one of them recently took a few minutes to tell us how his first few weeks on the job have been. Here's what Joe had to say about his new role as a Pet Relocation Specialist!

smokin' joeBeing a newbie is tough. You’ve got an enormous amount of new information to absorb, a diverse group of co-workers to acclimate to, a mountain of expectations hanging over your head, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool’s worth of respect to earn along the way. This is the mindset I had when starting at PetRelocation as a new specialist.

When I walked in the door the first day, all of those preconceived notions seemed to melt away. I was greeted by a crowd of smiling faces, introductions, and good luck wishes for the future -- not to mention a lovely welcome card accompanied by a Whole Foods muffin. Everyone was so positive about my future with the company, I later told my mom that my new co-workers were “suspiciously supportive” of my new place in their ranks. The dream was slowly taking shape.

Fast-forward to week three. I’ve joined the domestic specialist team, or “The D,” as I’ve begun calling it. I’m getting swallowed up by the intensity of the job, and feeling the heat. I can’t remember if it’s an airline-approved travel crate or a Taconic cage, a CITES-protected Conure or a WBCA lorikeet. My head is spinning to the point that I recently had a nightmare similar to the kind I used to have when I worked in a restaurant. It involves flubbing a move, making my fellow Specialist Amber cry and having to sit through a speech to the entire company, given by our leader Kevin, about how badly I dropped the ball. Wait, is this a dream, or is it a...

Enter supportive staff of all classifications and duties. They take me under their wing, guide me to the truth, answer my questions, and give me praise for the progress I’ve made already. They are the foundation for my growth with They are my co-workers, my teachers and my friends. I tried to thank them by bringing in breakfast tacos one morning, but with the amount of help they’ve given me, nothing short of a Great Pyredane-sized taco will do.

My name is Smokin’ Joe Fraser, and I am a new PetRelocation Specialist.


Here's another behind-the-scenes look at being part of the crew from Specialist Sarah Smith. Contact us if you need help planning an upcoming pet move!


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