Bird Transport Spotlight: Cocoa’s Trip to Milan

How to Ship Birds Internationally

If you follow us on Facebook, you've probably seen a couple of pictures of Cocoa, a beautiful Goffin Cockatoo who we recently moved from Vermont to Milan.

Goffin Cockatoos are lively, intelligent birds and are also classified as a CITES species -- meaning they are protected internationally, which often makes them difficult to move from one country to another.

Moving birds in itself is no easy task because they need specialized travel crates and plenty of time to get used to them before the day of departure, and CITES species require extra steps in terms of paperwork and preparation.

PetRelocation Specialists Tyler and Maegan handled Cocoa's move and worked very hard to make sure everything was in order, and after months of planning, this lovely bird made it safely to her destination and is now settling in to her new home.

Here's what her owner told us shortly after Cocoa's arrival:

"Here is a picture of Cocoa taking ownership of the terrazzo that overlooks some garages and doves' nests. She's doing very well. Thank you to everyone who helped, and to you guys at PetRelocation. It's startling to see her here but she's thriving, we're happier, and it was in retrospect the best decision we could have made."

As tricky as it is to move a bird, it's always nice to see that pet owners end up being happy that they undertook the challenge (here's another great bird relocation story from the blog).

Take a look at more pictures of sweet Cocoa below, and please contact PetRelocation if you have questions about how to ship a bird.




A very special crate




Cocoa on the Terrazzo in Milan


PetRelocation Team





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