Birds in Australia!

In spite of being the smallest continent, it still has a strong impact on the world and is considered to be the most diverse country. Australia, where people have been migrating since the World war 1 days is filled with people from Europe, United Kingdom, various part of Asia and even Ireland. This mean that one out of every ten citizens in Australia were born overseas but have made Australia their home. Yet another county with English as the national language, there are others spoken by the migrants such as Spanish, Italian, these contribute to about 2% of the population. A unique feature about this country is that it has no one religion; the people follow whatever religion they come from.

The mention of Australia brings a flash of Football, The magnificent Sydney Opera House and cricket, the national sport of the country which has been prominent in all World cup matches. One more sport that rules the country is tennis, the Australian open. Every city in this country has something to offer and so it doesnt matter which part of Australia you are in, you can be rest assured life will be fun and full.

Although most of Australia is arid or desert, itҒs rich in flora and fauna is home to the most exotic birds and animals, some of the well known ones being Kangaroo, the National animal, the Koala, or birds such as Emu and Ostrich. So it does not come as a surprise that most people living here own a dog or cat or a bird for a pet.

A canary makes for an ideal pet, if you dont have too much time to spend with the pet or if the space you live in is not big enough for a dog. Most public places allow pets in them, as long as you donҒt let them be on their own for fear of getting lost of creating unnecessary chaos. There are many toys available in the market that can be placed in the cage so the bird gets some exercise, this is in case you fear it might fly away or get hurt if let loose.

Having a pet is like having an additional member to your family and a Canary, even though its a small bird needs its own pet friendly cage, space to fly about, so it can get some exercise and care and love. Since they live in cages, you can have a pet travel crate to haul them around; just make sure to have a tray at the bottom of the cage to prevent bird droppings from hitting the ground.


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