“Can a Stray Dog be Imported to the United States From Romania?”

Hi PetRelocation,
While volunteering in Romania, I fell in love with a young stray dog at an orphanage. She lives there and is occasionally fed scraps. Is there any way I can bring her back to the U.S.? I know someone who might help me get her vaccinated.

Challenges: Everything. It is an uphill battle because first they have to pick her up, get her vaccinated (I am now back in the United States in College), and then ship her here. I may be able to fly back to make sure they get the right dog, although she is unique and I have a ton of photos and know where she usually sleeps and scrounges for food.

She is very shy. The adults at the orphanage started referring to her as the 'American Volunteer's dog.' I just want to know how I could get the ball rolling on bringing her back to the U.S.?!
Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you for your question -- hopefully we can help! First, here's a look at the pet import requirements for the United States along with a few essential pet travel tips. These links contain much of what you'll need to know in order to move a pet safely from Romania to the United States.

Since crate training is one of the most important keys to planning safe pet travel, this appears to be one of your biggest challenges. Ideally the dog will have a chance to get used to being in a travel kennel (here are a few tips for crate training that apply to both dogs and cats) so that the trip won't be so stressful. If your dog is not used to being confined at all, this is something you'll need to address before any travel is undertaken (note that sedation is not an option -- it's neither permitted nor safe).

The vet you end up selecting may be able to help you with advice/training techniques, as well. Either way, it sounds like you'll need to spend some time acclimating the dog to get ready for traveling as well as life with you in the United States before attempting the transport.

Feel free to contact us if we can be of further assistance, and good luck with everything!

Pet Travel Question Details:
Name: Elizabeth
From: Valea Plopului, Romania
To: Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Pet: Dog (Stray Female)

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