Can Pet Birds Relocate to New Zealand?

African Grey ParrotShipping Birds to New Zealand: Is it Possible?

Dear PetRelocation,

Is there any way to import a long-time (16 years) family parrot with an 800 word vocabulary to New Zealand?




Hi John,

Thanks for your contacting us with your question. Unfortunately it's not possible to import birds to New Zealand at this time, as the country has very strict rules when it comes to bringing animals in. Here's an excerpt from the official New Zealand biosecurity government site:

New Zealand has a unique population of rare and endangered birds. Because of its isolation it also has a unique disease freedom status with regards to a number of major diseases of birds and poultry. In order to keep this status no imports of live birds can be allowed until the risks of such imports have been thoroughly examined and an import health standard has been developed.

MPI is developing an import risk analysis for live psittacine birds (including parrots, budgerigars and cockatiels) to examine all the potential risks associated with importing parrots and the possible ways of managing these risks. An Import Health Standard can then be developed. This process involves extensive research and consultation and can take a few years to complete. You can subscribe to the MPI animal imports mailing list to be notified of progress with new standard development.

As you can see, it may one day be possible to bring parrots into New Zealand. Just in case it's ever helpful, feel free to take a look at this overview of bird travel procedures to learn more about the process.

Good luck with everything, and please let us know if you have additional questions about bringing pets to New Zealand or anywhere else.

Sorry to be the bearer of this news and we hope things work out for you!


Pet Travel Question Details:

Name: John
Number of Pets: 3
Pet Type: 2 dogs, 1 parrot
Pet Breed: Miniature Schnauzer, Chihuahua, African Grey Parrot
From: United States
To: New Zealand


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