Cat quarantines and traveling through China

Name: Lindsay E.
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Cat
Pet Breed: Tabby
From: South Korea
To: Back home to USA

I brought my kitty Milo with me to Korea from America a year ago to teach English and we are returning soon. We will be traveling back in December and will be making a connecting flight from Asiana Airlines to Air Canada in Beijing. I will have him as carry-on baggage as both of these carriers accept pets in the cabin. I will have all the documents (rabies, health certificate) with me. I want to know if there will be any problem with me switching carriers in Beijing? I know there is a quarantine in China, but what is the policy for flight transfers, and air carrier transfers? Thanks so much for your assistance. -Sincerely, Lindsay E.

Hi Lindsay,

Thanks for checking in with us! It sounds like you've done some great prep work so far... international pet air travel can definitely be overwhelming and it requires plenty of advanced planning.

As far as switching carriers goes, we'd recommend double checking with each airline to secure the most up-to-date information. Air Canada may have instructions for you about how to navigate the Beijing airport, and they also require you to pre-register your cat within 24 hours of your own booking.

In preparation for your trip, you also might want to review a few tips that could make flying with your cat a little easier. We recently compiled a list that was inspired by actress Kristen Stewart's cat travel challenges.

Good luck with everything and welcome home!


PetRelocation Team




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