Cat transport from Beijing to Shanghai

How do you recommend is the best way to transport a cat from Beijing to Shanghai. I am yet to find an airline that lets me take her in the cabin with me and then train is nearly 14 hours long - she goes nuts in the 20 minutes it take her to get to the vet. What do you recommend? Many Thanks, Veronique

Hi Veronique,

Typically the best and safest way to travel with a cat is via air cargo travel.  Traveling in cabin can actually be more stressful for your pet.  Cabin travel exposes pets to all kinds of unusual smells, shuffling of feet and bags, crying babies, unfamiliar noises,etc. flys with a few preferred, pet-safe, pet-friendly airlines.  Crate training is also key.  Familiarizing your cat with her crate will help reduce her anxiety levels immensely on travel day.  It appears Beijing to Shanghai is only approximately 600 miles, so the good news is your cat will be on the aircraft for a limited amount of time. 

On our blog, we wrote about celebrity Kristen Stewart telling Regis & Kelly about the challenges she faces when traveling with her cat.  Click here to see  the advice would give her if she were one of our clients!

Thanks for the inquiry and hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck for you and your cat's relocation to Shanghai!  


PetRelocation Team




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