Charitable and Creative Pet-Friendly Gift Ideas

We've previously discussed a few holiday gift ideas for pets and pet lovers, but if you aren't so interested in "stuff" and would rather find a way to give something to the larger pet community - either by lending a hand to a deserving organization or helping to facilitate a pet adoption - we have a few ideas for you here.

happy is located near Austin, TX, which is home to animal rescue group Austin Pets Alive! This organization is working to end animal euthanasia and they do a great job of engaging the community through special events and social media. For the holiday season, APA offers gift certificates for pet adoptions as well as opportunities for sponsoring the dogs and cats awaiting adoption. A pet gift certificate (or one of the other goodies from their gift guide) will be better than surprising someone with a puppy but it still conveys your affection and ultimately helps save a sweet animal life. Check out the shelters in your area for similar holiday deals.

We mentioned this one before when we wrote about unique gift ideas for pet lovers, but it's definitely worth another look. The Humane Society always appreciates donations, but this is an especially appropriate time of year to join the efforts to help our animal friends in need. Give a "Hip, Hip, Humane!" gift on behalf of someone, or purchase an item from the online store: holiday goodies include a limited edition ornament delivered with a festive card.

In addition to donating to a specific cause, you can also come up with creative ways to surprise the pet owners in your life by giving them the gift of your time and attention. A personalized gift certificate good for a free dog walk, some homemade pet treats or weekend of petsitting would all be thoughtful and heartfelt gestures. We all know that owning a pet can be a lot of work, so extending a helping hand can be the perfect gift for a hard-to-buy-for friend.

Gifts like these won't go out of style, so if you're still searching for smart ideas during these last few days of the holiday season (or during any time of the year), consider helping a great pet-friendly cause.  

Have you decided on any creative or charity-oriented gifts to give? Let us know by sharing them on our Facebook page!

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