Choosing a Pet Friendly Airline

When traveling during the summer months with your pet(s), it's important to choose a pet airline that has a special protocol in place for the handling of animals for pet transport.  Below is a list of recommendations to take into consideration when choosing the right airline for you and your pet.

  • Will your pet always be kept in a climate-controlled environment, even in times of layover?
  • How much time is your pet left on the tarmac, if any?  Certain airlines have programs in place where animals are never left out on the tarmac and transported to the plane as soon as it is ready to take off and as soon as it lands.
  • Is the airline staff trained in live animal handling?
  • What types of temperature restrictions does the airline have concerning the transport of pets, if any?  Many airlines that have pet programs in place do not have any such restrictions, due to the level of climate control and care they provide.
  • How many pets are allowed on each flight and how far in advance is it recommended to make a pet booking?
  • How knowledgeable is the airline when inquiries are made regarding pets?


PetRelocation Team




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