Coggins Tests for Horses

Coggins Testing is the single most important requirement when it comes to the pet relocation of Horses. The test is named for Dr. Leroy Coggins, who developed it. It tests for the presence of the virus that causes Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA). The virus often affects horses in much the same way that HIV affects people. The horse is unhealthy, won't hold weight, doesn't shed his winter coat, has trouble healing, and is basically not feeling to good.

There is no preventive vaccine for the disease and no effective treatment to cure it. Infected horses can remain carriers for years before they show outward signs. The disease is transmitted by the bite of large, blood-feeding flies, such as horse-flies and deer-flies.

As you can imagine, wherever large numbers of horses congregate, so do large numbers of horse-flies. If your horse is nice and healthy, you really wouldn't want someone to bring in another horse, as a carrier of this disease. It would only be a matter of time before these flies jump from one horse to the next. No need to be alarmed, the virus does not live for very long within the horsefly, maybe as little as fifteen or thirty minutes. So for one horse to infect another they must be close to each other.

Since we can't prevent this disease or cure it, the best we can do is to identify the carriers and be sure that they are quarantined away from other horses. That's why you have to have your "Coggins Test" papers, many times with your horse's picture on it when you arrive at a the airport, when you transport your horse to another ranch, across state lines or even at a horse-show, trail-ride, or when selling your horse to a new owner. These tests must be done by approved state laboratories and must be with the horse at all times!

There is no vaccine for this disease. It is important that you be careful that your horse's pasture mates are as healthy appearing as your own horse. Board your horse only where a negative Coggins test is required of all horses before they come on the premises. This is your best protection and the best thing you can do for your horse!

If you need help on finding an approved and Coggins free location, just ask!


PetRelocation Team




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