Coronavirus: Will It Affect Your Pet’s Travel Plans?

On December 30th, 2019, the first recorded case of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) was identified in Wuhan, China as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness. As of today (June 5, 2020), there have been over 1million reported cases of the virus. 

But how does this affect pet travel?

The Coronavirus and Your Pet

If you’re planning to travel with your pet soon, your plans may need to be altered or put on hold while many countries take steps to control the spread of the virus. Here are the countries restricting pet travel at this time. (Please note, we will be updating this information as we learn more)


China: While the government offices that issue pet travel documents are open and operating, pet-safe airlines are only offering limited flights for pets at this time. 

The United Arab Emirates: Pets traveling into the UAE must have a new annex signed by an accredited veterinarian stating that the pet has not been in contact with any humans or animals infected with COVID-19. Many exporting countries are requiring pets to undergo 14 days of quarantine before departing for the UAE. 

India:  International flights are suspended until July 13st, and land borders are close. 

Sri Lanka: The Department of Animal Production and Health in Sri Lanka has placed a temporary ban on the importation of dogs and cats.

The Philippines: The Philippines has extended its country-wide shut down until mid-June, but that could be extended. At this time securing flights out of the Philippines for pets has been unpredictable. 


The EU: The EU travel ban applies to pet owners who are not citizens of the European Union. We will update as we learn more. 

European Airlines:

  • Lufthansa is accepting pets, but they are only flying into larger airports. 
  • KLM is accepting pets, but their animal lounge located at the Amsterdam airport is not functioning. Therefore, pets may only take direct flights on KLM. 

North America 

The United States: Our primary airline for domestic travel, United Airlines,  has suspended its PetSafe program for both domestic and international travel until further notice. The USDA will suspend in-person endorsements of travel documents starting April 4th. This will not affect most moves but check with your coordinator or local USDA office if you are concerned. 

Canada: Canada has extended its border closing. Transporting your pet over the border from the United States is sometimes possible, but the pet owner must hold a Canadian passport or be an "essential" worker. 


The only major airlines that offer direct flights from the United States to Australia have canceled their pet programs for the remainder of 2021. You may read about the PetRelocation contingency plan here

Other Resources 

The following are some of our favorite resources regarding how to care for your pets during this uncertain time. 

How PetRelocation Can Help

If you are planning your move and your pet’s relocation is being affected, we can help! 

PetRelocation stays constantly informed of both country and airline updates by partnering with a network of service partners throughout China, Hong Kong and all over the world. We can provide up-to-date information on what is or is not possible for your pet at this time. We can also offer logistical solutions and plans for your pet if you and your family must travel before pet restrictions are lifted. 

PetRelocation will be keeping this information current as the situation evolves. Our dedicated team of consultants are here to help. Contact us today so that we can assist with your future relocations or if we can be of assistance during this time. 


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