Customer Testimonial: Sabella’s Move to Shanghai

Name: Tiff
Pet's Name: Sabella
From: San Francisco, California
To: Shanghai

My dog recently made the move from San Francisco to Shanghai. I originally planned to leave her in San Francisco, but the thought of leaving her behind was heartbreaking. This trip was extremely daunting for me, as Sabella is considered an overweight, older dog. My worst fear was that she would panic during the flight and there would be nothing I could do while she's trapped in cargo. Cara, our Pet Relocation specialist, reassured me time and time again that I had nothing to worry about and even connected me with another owner who previously moved their dog to Shanghai. This network helped reassure me that she would get there safely.

The most difficult part of the move for me was when they picked her up to go to the airport. Having to say goodbye to her was difficult since she has never really left my side. But having her arrive safely in Shanghai with a smile on her face was the best part of the move. I'm happy to say she's settling into her new home nicely. was a bit pricey but well worth it for the peace of mind.


PetRelocation Team




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