Customer Testimonial: Sawyer’s Pet Move to Hong Kong

Name: Daphne
Pet's Name: Sawyer
From: New York, NY
To: Hong Kong

We worked with to move our two-year-old English Springer Spaniel from New York to Hong Kong. From start to finish, the entire process went very smoothly. Our contact at was very knowledgeable and efficient. She kept us very well informed during every step of the way and worked tirelessly to ensure that no part of the vast amount of procedure and paperwork went wrong and caused problems for Sawyer during his trip.

He flew over to Hong Kong on Continental, which also did a fabulous job taking care of him before and after the flight. then arranged with a local pet agent on the ground in Hong Kong that ushered Sawyer through the Hong Kong customs process and delivered him to our door within three hours after the plane landed in Hong Kong (it took time to process him through customs).

I would highly recommend using this service, as there are just so many regulations to follow and so much paperwork to file. Having a professional, knowledgeable person helping you with a pet move makes all the difference in the world. They are definitely worth the money!


PetRelocation Team




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