Cute Dog Video: Tilly in Australia Quarantine

Dogs in Australia Quarantine

Meeting the pet import requirements for Australia means fulfilling a minimum 10-day quarantine in Australia upon arrival, a prospect that initially sounds less-than-ideal to many pet owners but in the long run ends up being not such a big deal.

We receive plenty of photos, feedback, and even videos from clients that show us what the quarantine stay is all about, and we're happy to share that information with people thinking about a pet move.

Here's a great example below. Tilly the Labradoodle arrived in Sydney a few days ago after traveling from the United States, and she'll be ready to go home on June 1. As you can see, she looks good and her owners are able to visit her (a fact she's tail-waggingly happy about, of course).



Note: As of 2016, all pets now fulfill Australia quarantine in Melbourne. Read more here.

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