Dealing With Hurricane Sandy: Pet Safety Tips

Hurricane Sandy is causing flights (and pet flights) to be delayed and canceled all across the country, and everyone on the East Coast has found themselves preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. In addition to stocking up on batteries, flashlights and water, it's important to take measures that will keep your pets safe, too. Do you have a plan?

In the event of strong weather and possible evacuations, here are some tips for making sure your pets weather the storm without incident.

Don't leave pets behind. If you're evacuating (and you should if you've been advised to) and think you'll come back soon, think again. There's no way to know how long you'll be gone, so don't create a dangerous situation by letting pets fend for themselves.

Stock up on supplies. Just as you need food and water for yourself, make sure you have a few days' worth of necessities for pets, including food and medicine.

Be sure ID tags are secure and up-to-date. In the unfortunate case your pet is separated from you during the storm, improve the chances of a safe reunion by double-checking that tags are attached to collars and microchip info is accurate. When leaving home for a few days, it doesn't hurt to bring medical records with you, either.

Locate assistance groups. Research all animal rescue teams and shelters in your area so that you'll know where to turn if you need help reporting a lost or found pet. Note that many shelters are accepting pets for boarding during the storm.

Good luck everyone... Stay smart and stay safe!


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