Dear Pet Travelers, Don’t Be Like Justin Bieber

You may have heard by now that pop star Justin Bieber ran into some trouble a few days ago when he decided to bring his pet monkey on tour with him to Europe.

When Bieber landed in Munich in his private plane last Thursday, it was revealed that he did not have the correct paperwork for his baby capuchin monkey, Mally.

The monkey was taken into quarantine and has been there ever since (apparently Bieber has not yet made attempts to reclaim Mally). The teen star now faces a fine of up to $17,000, and he must also cover the costs of Mally's quarantine. In short: this is a pretty terrible example of how to travel with a pet. (Poor little Mally, by the way.)

What could Bieber have done to avoid this monkey mess? We have a few suggestions for him that may apply to others:

Plan Correctly

Before hopping on a plane and assuming your confident demeanor (or in this case, international celebrity status) will carry you through customs without a snag, stop to research the specific country requirements to see if your pet is allowed where you're going, and if they are, find out what documents they'll need.

Hire An Expert

Even if you're not busy entertaining adoring fans, who has time to plan a complicated pet journey? That's why many people choose to hire an expert. Professional pet shippers like us know where to start and what to do. We'll map out a plan of action and address all the necessary details to make sure you and your pet don't end up separated.

Leave the Monkey at Home

Consider leaving your pet at home, for her sake and for yours. This may not apply in every instance (for permanent relocations it makes sense to spend as much time as it takes to put your pet's travel plans in order), but in the case that you're a busy, jet-setting performer (or just going on vacation), perhaps it'd be wise to find a less cumbersome comfort companion.

Even wealthy celebrities have to follow complex pet travel procedures, so if you're feeling nervous about an upcoming trip, please contact PetRelocation so you can avoid being compared to Biebs and Mally. Here's hoping everything works out for the best.

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