Denver Airport Dog Boarding?

This is just great to see, as it is showing that airports and airlines are both seeing the huge demand and need for pet friendly environments when pet traveling! Hopefully more cities will follow in this approach!

DENVER (Map, News) - A boarding facility for dogs, cats and other pets is in the planning stages at Denver International Airport.

City officials are soliciting proposals for the center which would be financed and operated by a private company on a four-acre site near a cargo area off Pena Boulevard.

The service not only would help travelers but would provide the airport with another source of revenue, DIA spokesman Steve Snyder said.

The officials envision a 24-hour center capable of caring for at least 100 dogs, 100 cats and perhaps the birds and exotic pets. Prices for the services have not been set.
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The company that lands the contract would be responsible for lining up financing while DIA would charge rent for the land and collect a percentage of gross revenue.

If the plans fall into place, construction will begin in August 2008 with an opening planned in February 2009.

"It seems that pet care and accommodations are major league right now. You're seeing more and more of them in travel-related facilities," Pete Gingras, the airport's property officer, said.


Information from: Denver Rocky Mountain News


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