Dog from Majuro, Marshall Islands to the US - Just now we had a visitor come to our blog who utilized our live chat feature on the lefthand sidebar. They were trying to getin formation on bringing a dog into the pet friendly United States -- Washington State to be exact -- from Majuro in the Marshall Islands. Their flight was going through Honolulu and they were traveling on Continental. They were particularly concerned about the live animal transit requirements for Honolulu.
This link, on page four, has the transit requirements which state that pets transiting through the airport will be cared for at the Animal Port provided by the Hawaiian Humane Society, as long as the layover is less than 24 hours. For layovers lasting longer than 24 hours, pets are required to be quarantined at the State facility.

I explained to our visitor that their dog would be cared for during their layover and then put on their second flight. Otherwise, they would just need to have their dog up to date on his rabies shot and also an international heealth certificate dated within 10 days of the flight. As long as they don't plan on going back to Majuro, it would be quite simple. As this was a one-way trip for the family, they will not need to worry about the Majuro pet import requirements (which is an entirely different blog post for another day!).

For more details check out:

US Pet Import Requirements
Hawaii Pet Import Requirements


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