Dog Moving from Panama to Tokyo!

Recently we moved a returning customer of ours, a German Shepherd named Jake. He moved a year ago from Austin, Texas to Panama City, Panama. Then his owners were moved to Tokyo, so they contacted us to  pet move him for a second time. We took Jake to have a blood test in Panama and had it sent to Kansas State University in the US to get the results. Below is a picture of Jake with our agent Karina on his way for his blood test in May of this year.

His owners wanted him to go back to Austin prior to arriving in Tokyo so he could receive schutzhund training. Schutzhund training was developed in Germany specifically for the breed and is considered a dog sport that shows their desire to work and follow directions.

Here is a picture of Jake ("Jaico" as he was known in Panama) before he left at the airport. The airline is measuring his crate to make sure they have the right dimensions for the air way bill booking.

While he was in Texas, Jake stayed at Triple Crown Dog Academy where they refreshed him on his Schutzhund training. We also set up a health examination and took him to the vet to have his paperwork issued for his flight to Japan. We took the documentation to the USDA offices in Austin and had them endorsed by the USDA as well. Then it was time for his flight to Tokyo!

Jake arrived safely in Tokyo late Monday night, and our agents took pictures of him after he cleared through customs and quarantine. He was delivered to his owners that night and I'm sure after all of his pet travels, he was extremely happy to see them!


PetRelocation Team




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