Dog Transport to the UK: Is There a Quarantine?

dogHi PetRelocation,

Can my rescue dog come straight from the airport to my home or does he need to go into quarantine?




Hi Lisa,

According to the pet import requirements for the UK, your dog will not need to fulfill a quarantine as long as you follow the correct procedures carefully. The UK does have a very specific entry process for pets, but this usually only takes a few hours upon arrival and then pets are free to go home. 

Romania is a "non-approved" country, so you'll need to follow the rules as they are outlined by the UK government -- this includes having your dog microchipped and being vaccinated for rabies after being microchipped.

There is also paperwork to attend to that a vet can help you with as well as a blood test to ensure the rabies vaccine was effective.

As you can see, you'll need to allow plenty of time to arrange all of this. If you'd like some professional assistance and are interested in our services, you can fill out our online consultation form here.

Hopefully this has been helpful for you... Thanks for your question, and good luck with your trip!

Pet Travel Question Details:

Name: Lisa
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Mix
From: Romania
To: England


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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in October 2013 and has been updated with new information.


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