Dog travel from the US to Angola

Name: Jennifer B.
Number of Pets: 2
Pet Type: Dogs
Pet Breed: Border Collie and Golden Retriever
From: Houston Texas, USA
To: Luanda, Angola

We are in the beginning stages of moving from Houston, Texas to Luanda, Angola for business. We have two dogs that we will need to move with us. What are the requirements for moving the two dogs with us from the US to Angola?  We are moving in January of 2011. Any help you can provide would be great, as well as information on your services. Thank you, -Jennifer B.

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for contacting us! Moving can certainly be overwhelming, so you're on the right track by starting the process a few months in advance. In terms of import requirements and vet visits, you'll need to secure proof that your dogs have had their rabies vaccinations within four months of departure as well as a vet certificate for each dog in order to be admitted into the country.

Feel free to explore our site to find out more about our door-to-door pet relocating services, and give us a call if you'd like to speak to a Pet Relocation Specialist in greater depth. We'd be happy to assist you during your move.

Good luck and happy traveling!


PetRelocation Team




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