Dog traveling Venezuela to U.S. What type of health certificate?

Hello, I live in Atlanta and my sister is planing to visit me in October. She wants to bring her pet and I want to know what do we need to bring the pet here. I have read about a rabies vaccine certificates and a screw worn certificate which has to be signed by an official veterinary. I want to know if any Venezuelan veterinary certificate would be valid and if it has to be translated. Thanks in advance, I'd really appreciate any help Regards, Isabel
Hi Isabel,

Thanks for your online inquiry!  Travel with dog to the U.S. is fairly uncomplicated process.  Please find the U.S. import requirements specific to Venezuela from our website listed here.  

The specific certificate needed is an International Health Certificate, dated within 10 days of departure date.  Please let me know if we can be of further assistance, we're happy to help.   I hope you have a great visit with your sister and her dog! 


PetRelocation Team




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