Doggie News Weblog!  - We recently came across a great pet friendly site,, that is run by an individual who is not a pet expert, not a veterinarian, not even a breeder! He is a typical pet owner and writes from the standpoint of being a dog owner, supporting the rights of dog owners and celebrating the dogs we all love! is a weblog publishing news about dogs, the pet industry, new products, and other quirky canine stuff. It is a great site and we recommend it becoming a daily stop for your web browsing needs.

His target audience consists of folks who own dogs, and who seek information to help them make purchasing decisions, health and entertainment choices, and to keep abreast of legislative and regulatory changes that might affect their dog ownership.

I found the following story he wrote about to be rather interesting and I know our readers will enjoy it as well, since most of you have a Vet you are working with, or are about to work with one, when getting ready to move your pets:

The Morris Animal Foundation has a contest going to find "America's Best Vet". Nominations are made by writing an essay explaining why your favorite vet should become America's Best Vet.

The national and regional winners will be announced on Nov. 6, 2007, and highlighted in the December issues of Dog Fancy, Cat Fancy, Veterinary Practice News and also on and Winners also will be honored at the February 2008 Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas.

Visit the list of nominees at Morris Animal Foundation...

Voice your opinion and enjoy both sites!


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