Dogs & Cats to France!

Dogs and Cats in France!

If you are thinking of relocating your pets along with you to France, then you will keep coming across loads of contradictory advice and information. Some people will tell you to take your pets while some will advise against it severely. On the other hand, there might be loads of confusion regarding the terms and conditions of importing animals into France. While planning to take or not take your animals to France with you is entirely your personal call, in case you do decide to take your pets along, then the best method of finding out what to do and what not to do is to contact either the nearest French Embassy or Consulate or a Pet Moving Service and ask them to give you a detailed list of every official document that will be required to transfer your pets to France.

Mind you however, that you should start the process at least a couple of months before you plan to travel, since acquiring some of the papers that you need might be quite time consuming. With our company, we relocate about 2-5 pets each month to France, as it seems to be one of our most popular destinations these days.

The rules and regulations regarding importing your pets into France are much simpler than those involved in taking your pets into countries like Australia and UK. Even inside France, rules and laws are quite pet friendly and so are the people. Almost fifty per cent of all households have a pet in France. Your pets can easily accompany you anywhere, from restaurants to trains to buses, provided you follow the rules laid down for per pet conduct in public places. In fact, it is quite en vogue to be seen walking about town with ribboned and dandified Poodles and Yorkshire Terriers on a leash. Well appointed and accessorized dogs are conspicuous status symbols in France. Unlike most countries, where dogs are not allowed into parks, France has a number of public parks where dogs are allowed. But like most European countries, your dog fouling up a public place is heavily looked down upon and you will find yourself getting fined pretty fast in case you do not clean up your dogs mess ASAP.

Cats however, do not have as good a time as the dogs in France. Lets face it, you rarely see a Cat Park in any country these days. In France, we are told this is mainly because cats are much easier and cheaper to obtain. Many people get their cats from their friendҒs kittys latest birthing, and since they get the animal for free, most do not find spending money on cats worthwhile. Many cats are found to be ґlost in France because of the lack of proper identification. They are almost as common as dogs in France and with every alternate family owning a pet, cats are quite popular as pets in the country. As a rule in France, all cats and dogs need to have and ID (Micro Chip) and must be up to date on all vaccines. But while many cat owners do not follow this rule, almost all dog owners do, since dogs are generally extremely expensive in France. As a foreigner in France, however, it would be best for both you and your pet if you followed all the rules and regulations related to keeping a pet in France.

As with all pet relocations that our customers do themselves, we strongly suggest you research the rules and regulations needed in getting your pet into France and then look into the laws that France has with local living & pets.


PetRelocation Team




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