Dogs in India

Dogs are the most loyal creatures known to mankind. They laugh with you and cry with you and they understand your feelings. They accompany you anywhere you go and they just stay away when you dont want them to be around. They are always around when you want them to lick your face and jump on you. They are just quiet when you want them to be so. They are very protective of you and never want to see anything going wrong. They walk proudly by your side and make you feel you own something.

A dog can make a world of difference to us. With its presence you might just give away your lazy habits like waking up late, not exercising in the early hours, not walking in the evenings.With its non harmful looks most dogs just make you fall in love with them. They are ready to play with you anytime of the day. They are ready to guard you in the middle of the night. It can wag its tail as long as you want it to.

Rabies is a very prominent disease in India with many dogs not vaccinated. Stray dog menace is a huge issue which has even gained political issue status recently and there have been instances of dogs being killed by local municipal bodies. So it becomes very important for anyone in India to keep their dogs leashed. A collar around the neck of your dog can save it from being picked up by dog vans. ItҒs a tough task for dogs and their owners to maintain distance from stray dogs these days. A nice evening walk can turn into you or your loyal buddy being attacked by a group of stray dogs. So keep your eyes wide open when on the streets.

Its easier to get food for your dog and also a lot of parks in the cities and towns allow you to take him for a stroll. Should your dog have any health issues, there are good veterinary doctors available in the country to take care of him.

It's much easier to keep your dogs happy by making them play in your backyard. Its the best and risk free way to keep your loyal buddy happy and away from trouble.

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