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You’re at the airport check in with your two children, luggage, and two cats.  Suddenly, the airline informs you that it’s too hot for pets to fly today.  Your flight is booked and it’s time to get on the plane, but what to do about the cats?

One of the more stressful parts of any one’s relocation is the actual move date itself.  Sometimes the pets are overlooked until the last minute.  At, we get many calls that sound more like cries for “Help!”

For example, did you know…

  • ...Some airline booking agents won’t tell you about their weather restrictions when you book a fight.  Whether this is because they just want your business or they just aren’t thinking about the pet aspect, either way it leaves you on your own to find out—usually at the last minute—that it’s too hot or too cold to fly your pet.
  • ...Your pet can be rejected for having a crate that is too small.  The airline may not tell you this until you put your cat in its crate and set it on the counter at check-in.  Depending on the person you have checking you in for your flight, you could find out that your cat is too tall for its crate or too long or too wide.
  • ...Your pet can be refused for flight by not having the correct documentation.  If you’re flying domestically, this seems like a pretty simple process.  You may find out that you need a health certificate in order to fly your cat, but did you know the health certificate needs to be dated no more than ten days from the date of the flight?  Or that your crate must be labeled correctly?  Relocating your pet internationally can be an even bigger paperwork nightmare, if you don’t know what to double check.  Do you have original signatures on all your documents?  Do your microchip numbers match up on every single certificate?

By hiring a company like, you never run into these problems.  Here’s why.

  • ensures that your pet will be on a climate-controlled, pet-friendly flight no matter where your pet is traveling, which means no weather restrictions whatsoever.  Even in the heat of summer and the cold of winter, your pet will never be exposed to these temperatures and this means your relocation doesn’t have to be postponed until the weather gets better.
  • educates you on the best type of crate to buy and how to check (and double check) that it will be more than accommodating for your pet.  Should the situation arise where the crate is not suitable for flight, is there with a back up crate that will fit your pet.
  • leads the industry with their up-to-date knowledge of import and export documentation for every country in the world.  Our documentation review is unparalleled, which helps your pet travel quickly and clear customs with speed and efficiency.  For domestic moves, our Domestic Flight Packet will ensure that your pets travel with every document they will need to fly - we even provide the crate labels for you.

Next time, avoid the scene at the airport.  Call today to see how their relocation packages can benefit you, your family and of course, your pets.


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