English Bulldogs

There are a few breeds of dogs which have carved a niche for themselves in the world and The British bulldog is one among these famous dogs. Their friendly nature and soft and lovely face makes them a bum chum for any kid in no time. The general nature of these dogs is to be friendly, adoring and gentle in their actions. They are also mischievous and stubborn at times and they are very loyal to the family which houses them.

Its a very friendly dog and is loved by kids, which helps it to make its way into a lot of households. ItҒs very happy to be indoors and is happy to be around other animals also. The dog is a very energetic puppy and as it grows becomes a lazy and calm dog. It easily gets overheated and so hates exercising a lot. Its also starts snoring when it gets tired.

Current day English bulldogs are a cross breed created by crossing Pug dogs with Bulldogs. Bulldogs were brought down to Europe from Asia by nomads. The cross led to the creation of a stocky, docile, family pet- the English bulldog.

The dog has a healthy height and weight mix and grows twelve to fourteen inches in height. It weighs anywhere between fifty fifty five Lbs. It's found in standard colors with not many variations. Most commonly found in red brindle or black muzzles.

It has a short and smooth coat of hair and you can feel its gentle nature from its skin also.

It has to be brushed regularly with rough cloth. Never over feed him as he gets overheated easily and he cannot taken any exercise.If at all it gets hot in the England cold make sure to keep folds, wrinkles and under tail areas filled with powder. Avoid leaving this dog in hot weather. He should always have a smooth inflow of air and kept in cool places. He is not a dog who is obedient but never fails to succumb to his wishes with his gentle and nice nature.

The other favorite pets in the UK are birds and cats. However the bulldogs make it an easy choice as they can be easily let inside the living room. Kids love these dogs and the other way round too. So he is the best choice to add a family member to your life.

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A dog which enjoys cold weather and is happy to stay indoors always. He is a clean dog as well and so its easier to maintain him. Your expenses in taking him out are reduced as well because he likes only a bed and you by his side to stay home.


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