Enjoying New Zealand with Your Pets

New Zealand is one country that is proving time and again to be a destination that is highly favored among people looking for migration options. The country, which consists mainly of two main islands, keeps attracting people looking for a permanent change of scene due to its scenic beauty, climate and lifestyle.

New Zealand is split into two main islandsthe North and South Island, with a number of smaller islands contributing to the countryגs total area. Out of these, the Northern Island is less populated, smaller and volcanic in nature. It is also less mountainous than the Southern Island. Even though New Zealand is not a very large countryit is slightly larger than the UK but smaller than Italy in areaחthe country provides for all kinds of climates, regions and topography, ranging from coastal plains to snow covered mountains. The country has a mild climate, and temperatures range between cool to warm, rarely going above 30C or falling below 0ںC. It is because of this diversity and climate, that a number of people from the US and the UK are choosing New Zealand as their new home.

In fact, it is not uncommon to find people from the same country, like the US, dwelling in the same locality or pocket. While this gives you the option of joining a small but similar community of compatriots on a foreign land, it also lets you find others who may share their insights and experiences regarding living in New Zealand with you.

Even if you are unable to or do not want to stay in a community populated by your own countrymen, you will still be able to find all kinds of help and support from the natives. The people are generally friendly and the culture is a mixture of English, Irish, Scottish and Maori cultures.

In case you want to take your pet dog or cat with you to New Zealand, then there are certain procedures that you will need to invest in before importing your pet to New Zealand. Your pet should be implanted with a microchip before transportation. A health check and certification is also required before your pet can travel with you. You will also need to acquire an import permit and your pet will be quarantined for a period of at least thirty days, where you will be required to pay quarantining charges. The only method of taking your pets to New Zealand is by air, so you can contact the airline you are traveling on for taking along your pets too. Another method is to hire a pet moving firm, which will not only transfer your pet safe and sound to New Zealand, but also help in obtaining the required permits and certificates for pet transfer.

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