Every Dog Has Its Day In Tokyo!

If you are planning to relocate to Tokyo, or any of the other major cities of Japan, then you must be ready for the major culture shock that you might have to encounter as a westerner in the middle of the Orient. However, if your plan to take your pets with you too, then your might just end up getting shocks left right and center as far as pets and pet care are concerned. People in Japan were not known to be very fond of pets till about the end of the millennium, when almost all of a sudden, the country found itself in the middle of a pet boom.This boom, which started right in the midst of one of the countrys worst recessions ever, has been growing since then, with people spending loads and loads of their hard earned yens on costly pets and costlier pet accessories. Today, the country is home to more than 19 million pets Җwhich is higher than the number of Japanese children under 15. The pet care industry is estimated to be around $9bn (5bn), and showing a constantly growing trend. Japan was the first country in the world to have a five star hotel for pets. The Pet Inn Royal at Tokyo's Narita airport has 170 well-appointed rooms - not kennels Ö and accommodates up to 250 animals. Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, and even ferrets are welcome at the Inn which provides veterinary and grooming services, an exercise field and full time staff to cater to the needs of their guests twenty four hours a day. Apart from this, the country is also home to a number of five star salons and shops that cater to pets, especially dogs. Styling salons for dogs, which are like fully equipped doggy beauty parlors and accessory and clothing stores are quite a common occurrence in Japan nowadays. Coming to clothing, you will be surprised to see quite a number of animals wearing clothes. Making dogs wear clothes is very common in Japan, and this is especially true of dogs belonging to the upwardly mobile population. In fact, almost twenty to thirty per cent dogs in Japan wear clothes, and this percentage goes on increasing as you move towards the more posh neighborhoods. Many Japanese dogs have considerably large wardrobes, containing clothing and accessories for different occasions. Catering to these dogs and their owners are Japanese pet clothing and accessory stores, which make sure that their clients get the latest and the best in the world for their pet poodles. It would not be wrong to call Tokyo the Paris or Milan of the pet world, once you see the pet fashions on the streets of this city. Your friendly but au naturel German Shepherd or Alsatian might feel definitely out of place amongstTokyos dressed up dandies. You might have to spend some money to bring him up to date with the world of doggie fashion. Avenues for expenditure are open even if you do not want your dog to have a fully kitted out wardrobe, with stores sellingdoggie toothbrushes, conditioners and designer toys waiting for you to lighten your purse.

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