Exotic Pet Relocations: Saving the Bolivian Circus Lions

While most of the time, the "pet" in "PetRelocation.com" is a dog or a cat we're moving, every so often we get to handle some pretty exotic pet relocations.  Once we moved fifty poisonous dart frogs from Switzerland to Texas and another time we handled the pet travel arrangements for one very spoiled Siamese fighting fish!  We're currently working on helping with a pet relocation of two wolf-hybrids from Oregon to the St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary in Montgomery, Texas.
Recently, our "parent" company (in the literal sense - the company is owned by our CEO, Kevin O'Brien's parents!) O'Brien Animal Transportation, helped with a very special relocation of Bolivian circus lions from inhumane conditions to a sanctuary in California.  This video is just stunning and goes to show that some stories do in fact have happy endings!


PetRelocation Team




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