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Hey Gringo!

Get used to it future expat. Gringo is what they call foreigners in Brazil and you're bound to hear this phrase a great deal during your stay unless you have a distinctly Latina look about you.

The largest country in Latin America and laying host to the largest Catholic population in the world, Brazil is an exciting place to be considering for a holiday let alone for emigration. With the fifth largest population and territories in the world, Brazil is not to be sniffed at.

With one of the largest populations in the world, it may come as a surprise that it is also one of the most sparsely populated. Demographically, inland Brazil is relatively - and sometimes completely - devoid of human habitation. The Latin Americans just canҒt seem to get enough of their beautiful sun blessed beaches!

The main language of Brazil is Portuguese; despite the mix of cultural heritage apparent even in individual members of the population. This is due mainly to Brazil being a colony of Portugal through to the 1800s. Brazil also played host to the seat of power for the Portuguese empire for 13 years. It was to Brazil that the Portuguese King and Court fled (aboard a mighty Armada escorted by British Man o Wars) when Napoleon came knocking on the door of Portugal.

The King and ruler of the Portuguese Empire only left Brazil after his loyal subjects at home began to make noise about the fact that it had been a while since Napoleons defeat and their lord was taking a rather long time in returning home. Of all the diseases in the tropics; Latin Fever is infectious, regardless of a personђs position on the rich poor divide.

With the abundant flora and fauna of the Amazon forest, pet friendly Brazil is host to thousands of biologically diverse species so the addition of your treasured playmate is unlikely to raise many eyebrows. Unless you try to get on a bus that is. Animals simply aren't allowed on city buses or public transport and in order to get Fido on a regional bus you need to ascertain a travel permit for them.

If you are moving to Brazil and are intending to stay in temporary accommodation be warned, most Brazilian hotels will not accept pets. There is one hotel in Rio close the airport that may take them on, the Othon Travel Aeroporto.

Unlike a lot of countries around the world however you are likely to find a great many vets and pet shops in Rio and other major cities. The wonderfully green boulevards of Sao Paulo are likely to be wonderful spots for evening or early morning strolls which both you and your pet traveling buddy will enjoy.

Other then under strict supervision, it is probably a bad idea to let your friend roam free around the neighborhood. Diseases are common amongst the wildlife of Brazil and it is probably best to avoid any nasty surprises should you try to bring your traveling buddy back home!

Time and time again people will ask you the best part about living in Brazil. Time and time again you will have only one answer to give them. With the general level of racial and religious acceptance, the warmth of character and fun loving spirit nearly every expat agrees; Brazil's greatest draw is its people.


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