Extracurricular Activities: A ‘Pooch Scooch’ Recap

Last Saturday a few PetRelocation employees participated in the 2013 Stiletto Stampede here in Austin, TX. This event raised money to help improve the Seton Breast Care Center as well as related outreach and rehab programs.

Ashley, Bethany, Desiree, Kristen, Sarah and Kate were inspired to attend in support of one of our agents, who has recently been dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis. Being that they're pet lovers too, of course, this team of caring ladies chose to complete the "Pooch Scooch" portion of the run/walk and brought their pups along for the fun.

Here's what Desiree had to say:

Jayne is one among many great agents we work with here at PetRelocation. Knowing that we could help a cause near and dear to her (and to us), and have fun doing it, was just great! Being there and seeing how many women, men and children were there supporting the this cause was a heartwarming feeling. PetRelocation's employees care not only for their coworkers in the office, but also those around the world.

Thanks to technology Jayne was able to see us in our shirts via Skype Friday morning, (the day before the event) and she said it almost brought a tear to her eye. We sent her a shirt as well, so she could match us when we went the next day. We sent her tons of photos to let her know we were thinking about her and all the joy she has brought to this world and to us.

And here are Bethany's thoughts:

Jumping on to that, I just wanted to say that I would LOVE to do it again next year. Breast cancer is a cause I can truly relate to, as it affects so many women including one of my aunts. In Jayne's case, she did not know about her cancer until a mandatory mammogram.

The Stiletto Stampede supports early prevention/treatment through regular screening, which is absolutely the best thing any woman can do to avoid the worst. Even though Jayne is now cancer-free (hooray!!!), I would love to support other women going through their own life-changing experiences.

We love you Jayne!

Thanks to Stiletto Stampede for their great work and for helping us to show our support for a dear friend and colleague. Do you know of any organizations working hard to raise awareness about breast cancer? Please share in the comments!


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