Fifty percent of expats who move to China leave early

A new study is being reported by China Daily that 50% of new expats to China leave early due to a difficult transition.

China Transition Institute (CTI) president David Israel-Rosen said most foreigners are unprepared for what life will be like when they arrive in China.
"It is moving from the West to the East," he said. "It is not like moving from Chicago to Denver."

Jessa Parkman, a 28-year-old nurse who recently arrived in Beijing from Baltimore said she misses her family and is worried about losing job skills she spent years acquiring if she cannot find a similar position here in Beijing.

"It is very debilitating to be at home and not be so independent," Parkman said. "I just feel very helpless at times and very dependent on other people. It is a struggle to get my bearings."

We pet move people to China frequently and have noticed that having their pets around can make a huge difference in helping with the transition.  However, we have also heard that the culture shock can be difficult.  Many people comment that while they enjoy visiting China, living there is a whole different story.

What do you think? If you're currently living in pet friendly China, are you tempted to leave early?


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