Figuring Out Air Travel With Birds

Name: Laureen
From: Beijing, PRC China
To: Unknown at this time
Pets: Fester -- a little green male parakeet, approximately 2 years old
Dear PetRelocation,
My husband and I are anticipating being transferred to a new assignment from our current one in Beijing, China. It can possibly be most anywhere in the world including returning to our home in Denver, Colorado. Two years ago I purchased a parakeet and of course we have grown quite fond of him. What proper documentation do I need to acquire so that I can bring him with us on our move? I really don't want to leave him behind, please help me figure out how to bring Fester with us!
All advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Hi Laureen,
Thanks for your question. Bird travel is indeed more tricky than moving a dog or a cat in most cases, but the good news is that we've moved many birds and would be happy to offer some guidance.
Here's some information about how to ship a bird. Since you're not sure where you're going yet it will be hard to prepare exactly, but it's still a smart idea to research a few things and look into securing the right travel crate for Fester.
If you have questions about determining your bird's CITES status and are interested in our transportation services, please contact us for a free quote. Finally, take a look at some of the birds we've moved in the past. Here is Cocoa, who moved to Italy, and here are Washington and Jefferson, who moved to France.
Thanks again for contacting us, and good luck with everything!
Bird travel can be tricky.



PetRelocation Team





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