Five Fun Gift Ideas for Pets

Ready or not, the holidays will be here soon! We've already featured a few gift ideas for friends and family of the human persuasion, but what about for our pets themselves? Here are a few extra special treats for those of you who like to include your furry companions in the gift exchanges that the next few weeks will bring.

wine crate pet feederWine Crate Pet Feeder
This one will satisfy both human and pet; the material is recycled (very eco-chic) and makes a more attractive accessory than a couple of plastic bowls. On the practical/pet friendly side, the heights of these feeders can be better for taller dogs and for those who may have arthritis. Choose a single, double or triple bowl to ensure your pet's comfort.

Pet Sling
pet sling
Your pup hates to miss out on even the smallest errand, so bring him along for the ride with the help of a handy and dare-we-say stylish sling. Available in gender-neutral colors, flashy options like golden zebra stripes and soft leather, you and your stowaway will both be comfortable and ready for any adventure.

bird perchHeated Bird Perch
Feathered friends deserve some holiday love, too. Pamper your favorite bird with this heated perch, which will be sure to come in handy during these chilly winter months. It's scratch and bite-resistant and available in three sizes.

doggles cartoon dog
Perfect for the pooch who loves the great outdoors or who always manages to stick her head out the window during car rides, doggles make life safer. Check out the official Facebook page for some fun pictures and consider ordering a pair of these cool and functional shades for the sportiest dogs on your list.

cat perchCat Climber
Coexisting with your kitty requires compromise, so it's always nice to find something that lets your cat climb and play without distracting too much from your decor. This modern cat climber features removable inserts made from recycled materials so it's both green and easy to clean.


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