Five Quick Tips for Easter Pet Travel

Traveling with a pet this Easter weekend? Here are a few quick tips that will help make the experience run smoothly.

Plan Ahead - Are your hosts okay with you bringing your pet? Do they have any special requests or rules? Having an honest conversation before you arrive will minimize the possibility for tension. And, if you're staying in a hotel, be sure you've researched their pet policy to avoid any surprises.

Pack Well - Don't forget the basics, like food, medicine, an extra leash, dog baggies, and whatever else your furry pal needs to be safe and comfortable away from home.

Keep Moving - It may be tougher to manage during a fun break from reality, but do your best to take your dogs on lots of walks and give them plenty of attention and playtime. This will minimize the anxiety and possibility for misbehavior that can go along with changing a pup's schedule.

Beware of Treats - Easter, when there tends to be candy everywhere (and within the easy reach of children, no less), is an especially important time to make sure your dog doesn't eat anything harmful. Keep a sharp eye on those baskets and plastic eggs to keep them out of paw's reach.

Drive Safely - Letting pets roam around the car isn't safe for anyone. Use your trusty travel crate or a restraint of some kind when you're on the road, and do what it takes to make sure the driver isn't distracted by any yipping passengers.

Find a few more pet travel tips on our blog, and lease contact if you have any questions.



(And don't forget to stop and smell the flowers)


PetRelocation Team




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