Flying with dogs from the UK to the US

Name: Linda J.
Number of Pets: 2
Pet Type: dogs
Pet Breed: Patterdale and English Staffy
From: UK
To: US

My daughter is planning to move back home to the US with her two dogs. We are very concerned about the flight... how can they be transported safely? They are very sweet dogs and are her therapy. If they could be flown safe to New York we would drive them out to California where we live. Thank you so much for any advice! -Linda

Hello Linda, thanks for you your inquiry!

Of course it's natural to be concerned about the safety of your dogs during a transcontinental journey, but with the proper planning, this trip can run smoothly.

First, take a look at the United States Pet Import Requirements and check our site for tips about flying with dogs. You'll need to secure the correct dog crates and make arrangements with a pet-friendly airline; Contact us if you'd like to talk to a pet relocation specialist well-versed in all of these issues.

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Good luck with everything, Linda. Let us know if you have any more questions!


PetRelocation Team




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