French Bulldog Travel to the United States

Hi PetReloction,

Does anyone know a good airline that could ship French Bulldog and as checked in baggage? I only knew Delta, which is well reputed, but they no longer provide pet transport as checked in baggage.

My dog is quite big (weighing 44 lbs) so there's no way he would fit under the passenger seat. Plus, Delta no longer accepts pug-nosed dogs, which most bulldogs are. I don't know what is the reason behind this but I desperately need help finding an airline that could transport my pet.

Any info would be appreciated!




Hi Victor,

Thank you for your question! First, we recommend cargo travel for pets traveling internationally -- here are a few reasons why we strongly believe cargo travel is a better choice than excess baggage.

Typically we use United, KLM, Lufthansa and British Airways for our clients' pets (for China to the United States, United is our frequent choice). Delta no longer flies pets by excess baggage but they do accept pets via cargo. If you take a look at the information in the link above, you'll see why we think this signals a positive change in terms of pet travel transparency and safety.

As for the snub-nosed breed issue, you'll need to check each airline's policy and also be aware of seasonal embargoes that may affect your options. Here's more information about safe snub-nosed pet travel as well as how to travel safely with pets during the summer (if this applies to you).

Finally, here is some guidance about how to export pets from China. The good news is that it's much easier to bring pets to the United States from China as opposed to the other way around.

If you'd like some professional assistance as you go about arranging your move, contact us here for a pet travel consultation.

Hope this helps! Good luck and let us know if you need anything else.


Pet Travel Question Details:

Name: Victor
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: French bulldog
From: Shanghai, China
To: San Francisco, California, United States


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