Friday Pet News: Chickens and Charities

What did the headlines reveal this week? Take a look, and have a happy weekend everyone!

-It's more than a passing trend: keeping chickens within city limits is an activity more and more urbanites are embracing. Wanting access to fresh eggs and having a fun project to work on are understandable, but now some folks are beginning to treat their chicks as little pets -- allowing them indoor access and letting them spend time with the family. Read more about the upward trajectory of the urban chicken.

-Keeping track of the situation in Japan, this week's pet news is again alternately uplifting and heartbreaking. A few brave and driven individuals have traveled to radiation-affected areas to save the pets left behind, and they've managed to rescue dozens of animals so far. View pictures and read more about Japan's lost pets.

-Fifty animal shelters from around the country will have the chance to compete in the ASPCA $110K Challenge. Check out the list and cast your vote for a shelter that means something to you (we chose Austin Pet Alive!). Today's the last day to participate, so get going!

-Adopting a pet is a big deal, but if you've been wanting to do it for awhile, now might be the time! Various adoption events are going on during the month of April, along with various charity drives and a tri-city dog PetWalk organized by PetSmart Charities. See if anything is happening in your area!

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Photo by greg westfall via Flickr


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