Friday Pet News: Military Dogs, Kangaroos and Pet-Friendly Airlines

We've almost made it to the weekend! Take a look at the most interesting pet news we ran across this week, and enjoy your Friday!

-Did you see that we launched a Pet Friendly Airline Series? This first week we explored JetBlue Airways. Check out 10 things we learned about JetBlue and take a look at the pet photo contest they're running.

-The elites of the American military have been put into the spotlight following the events of last Sunday, and it turns out there was a dog involved in the big terrorist raid, as well. Take a look at this amazing slideshow that explores the role of specially-trained military dogs.

-Sometimes we can't bring our pets with us when we travel, and a lucky few are able to afford top-notch lodgings for their furry friends. Resort-style kennels equipped with webcams and posh amenities are becoming more and more common, as chronicled in this NYTimes article about pet stay facilities.

-An Oklahoma woman has won the right to keep a kangaroo as a pet after demonstrating that the partially-paralyzed animal alleviates her depression and is no danger to the community. Read more about Irwin the therapy kangaroo.

woman and kangaroo

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