Friday Pet News Round-Up: Fancy Dog Houses, A Bastrop Rescue and New Pet Travel Rules

Happy Friday to everyone! Before you shut the computer down and hit the dog park, take a look at these top pet news stories of the week.

-The San Francisco Chronicle finds out more about the business of moving pets.

-Take a look at these fancy dog houses and find out more about Barkitecture 2011, in Austin, TX.

-Wondering about the aftermath of the Central Texas Wildfires? There is still work to be done, but here's one happy Bastrop rescue dog story.

-This fancy cat door was invented by a physicist (and we happen to be giving one away!). Read about the SureFlap cat door.

-Moving a pet internationally? Korea has updated its pet import rules and USDA health certificates will now cost a little more.

-High fives to the pets lucky enough to stay in this seven star pet resort in Dubai.

-How can you go wrong with cute baby pandas?

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