Friday Pet News Round-Up: Pet plastic surgery, menageries and more

We've almost made it to the weekend! Here's a round-up of the top pet news stories from the last (busy) week. Enjoy, and have a great Friday!

-San Francisco is looking into the possibility of regulating its pet store industry. Are they ahead of the curve or behind the times?

-A local Austin, TX shelter will be relocating to better digs soon, and until then they're soliciting stories and photos from people whose lives have been changed by adopting pets or volunteering. Check out The Last 100 Days of Town Lake Animal Center.

-Trained sniffing dogs have been able to detect early-stage lung cancer in humans.

-Author Susan Orlean touches upon some familiar concerns about moving pets in her recent blog post, The Moving Menagerie.

-Britons have been spending millions per year on cosmetic surgery for their pets. Eye lifts and nose surgery can help improve the quality of life for droopy faced and snub-nosed breeds.

-How much do you spend on your pet each year? adds up the average expenses of pet ownership.

-You can never be too careful. Here are five tips that could save your cat's life in the event of a disaster.

-And this one might be a tearjerker: a Great Dane welcomes home his military owner.

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