Friday Pet News Round-Up: Wildfire recovery; adventure cats; new pet products

Happy Friday, everyone! What are your big plans for the weekend? Before you head out to enjoy it, be sure to catch up with the top pet news stories of the week.

-After being lost for five years, this Colorado cat was found nearly 2,000 miles away in New York City thanks to her microchip.

-As a result of the devastating wildfires in Central Texas, the surrounding communities have stepped up to help displaced pets. Watch this video chronicling the animal rescue efforts in Bastrop.

-Scientists are working to find cures for both human HIV and feline FIV, and as a result have created cats that can glow in the dark.

-What's the current world record for number of dogs skipping rope, you ask? Thirteen. Watch the video here.

-Incorporating your small dog into your bike-friendly lifestyle is super easy with this basket from PUBLIC.

-Speaking of felines who love adventure, meet Tom the camping cat.

Photo by blumenbiene/Flickr


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