Friday Pet News Round-Up!

It's already June, which means that the week's pet news definitely has a summer theme. Take a look at these top stories, and have a great weekend, everyone!

-How does a hard-working feline keep cool in the city? Check out these 10 cute bodega cats and the masterful ways they've found to beat the heat.

-Obviously it's important to wear seat belts in the car, but not everyone takes the time to restrain the pets that may be riding along. Here's what to know about canines and cars.

-We know that people love to travel with their pets, so it makes sense that hotels are stepping up to provide pet-friendly options. Find out which hotels you can count on when you have your pup alongside you.

-Looking for ways to keep your hot dog cool? Check out the KoolCollar.

-You've heard about military dogs, but did you know that other kinds of animals have been enlisted to help out with specialized tasks? Meet the Other Navy Seals (and Dolphins).

Navy Seal
Photo: US Navy Marine Mammal Program


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