Friday Pet News: Snakes on Trains, Monkeys with Cameras and Joyful Pet Reunions

It's Friday! Check out the pet news of the week as you prepare for what'll hopefully be a fun, safe and happy weekend.

-If you have a pet you know how it is -- they have a magical way of absorbing the stress in a room and they bring laughter to life without even trying. A Doctor in psychology further explores this phenomenon and also asks, is your pet the emotional "third" in your relationship?

-Sometimes pet travel isn't as structured as it should be. Find out what happened when a snake ended up taking a solo train ride in Japan.

-This story began as a heartbreaker but seems to have a happy ending - a kitten was tossed out a car window on a NYC bridge this week but managed to remain unharmed when an animal control officer spotted the cat and picked him up. The kitty is now doing well in foster care.

-In more strange NYC news, a West Village pet store recently placed restrictions on who is allowed to take pets home after a few incidents involving drunk puppy buying.

-Many people are surprised to find out how much it costs to ship a pet. Here's a breakdown of what's involved with moving a pet safely.

-In case you missed it, here's the story of an Indonesian monkey who snatched a wildlife photographer's camera and proceeded to take a series of self-portraits. Sure, it's not really "pet news," but nothing says Happy Friday like a smiling monkey face!

-Finally, we announced our Pet Move of the Month this week; Kratos the English Bulldog moved from California to Italy in order to join his loving owner Shaun, a member of the US Navy. The picture of their reunion (below) illustrates one of our favorite parts about moving pets!

kratos and shaun


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