Friday Pet News Update

Friday is finally here! Before your weekend gets going, take a minute to read the top pet and travel news stories of the last busy week.

-It's been documented that owning a pet can help relieve anxiety, thus it makes sense that Yale Law School has enlisted a pup named Monty to work as a therapy dog. Stressed students can check him out from the library for 30 minutes at a time.

-The string of recent earthquakes has not only inspired pet owners to formulate disaster plans to follow in case anything ever happens, it has directed government officials in North Korea to suggest that people actually use their pets as early warning systems. Animals often act strangely before extreme events occur, thus citizens have been advised to put their pets' sixth sense to good use.

-A Chinese coal baron recently purchased a Red Tibetan Mastiff for 10 million Chinese yuan (that's about $1.5 million). The 11-month-old dog has been named Big Splash, and he could grow to be over 200 lbs. In China, this breed of dog is regarded as lucky and religiously significant.

-In weirder news, an airplane that had just departed from Brisbane, Australia was forced to make an unscheduled landing when it was discovered that the cockpit was infested caterpillars. The plane was able to land safely, and it's uncertain how the little green hitchhikers made it on board.

-Finally, remember that the citizens of Japan -- and their pets -- are still coping with the catastrophe that happened two weeks ago. It's not too late to help out, and it's a smart idea to think about what you and your pets would do if faced with a natural disaster.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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