From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You!

First I would need to let you know that I had actually hired another relocation company first. They were hired in July of 2007 and the relocation was supposed to happen in the beginning of January of 2008. It wasn't until the middle of December that I found out that they had not gotten import permits, booked a flight or a space in quarantine for my dogs! In other words there was no way that my dogs could leave in January. I promptly fired them (and am still fighting with them to get my money back since we had paid them in full) but was only left with a week to find another company to move my dogs before my husband and I had to leave. Luckily I found your company and Matt Kincaid and everything has been smooth sailing ever since!

My only advice to other people relocating their treasured pets would be to please look at as many companies as possible, research the company and all of their policies (cancellation, payment, ect) before you use them and when it comes to pet relocation you do get what you pay for. If someones quote is several thousand dollars less than another company there is usually a reason for it. Another warning is if a company is hard to get in contact with under normal circumstances, it will only get worse if things go wrong with your pets travel arrangements. Pet Relocation does not charge you a penny until your pet(s) arrive at their destination and you should be cautious of companies who want large chunks of the money up front.

We just wanted to let you know that the kids arrived in Perth safe and sound last night and that you did so good with Rufus that he was giving the delivery guys that dropped them off kisses!! They will have to be in quarantine until the 14th of June so hopefully that goes by really quickly and then they will be home with us and everything will finally be as it should be. We just can't express the gratitude that we have for how well you cared for our babies. This has been such an emotional journey and after the fiasco with the other company we never expected to find a company that would honestly care for our dogs as well as we do when they are at home, but you guys exceeded our expectations by leaps and bounds. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Dana & Bill Decker 


PetRelocation Team




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